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Fresh Beans

Are you in a daily war with yourself? Telling everyone that you’re “just fine”. Sacrificing everything you are – just so you don’t let other people down. Secretly wishing that things could be different, that life should be different, but finding yourself in the exact same place – day after day. It’s time to change! It’s time to claim back who you are!


Join Jacqui as she supports and coaches you to a better everyday. Time, Money and Life Coaching tailored for YOU! Coffee?

We Believe In COACHING THAT is Incredible

We also believe that you should not be a slave to your work or your family. Check out our on-line lessons and personalised coaching courses for a new fresh way to live!


Short and strong, our introductory lessons will help build your strength for the days ahead

Pour Over

Coaching from 1 week to 3 months. We will pour over your concerns and give you the right goals

Mocha Latte

The perfect combination of our lessons & coaching courses with some time management throw in

Great Start

Jacqui (ACC, ICF) is an Integral Coach with a Masters from Cape Town University and over 10 years of coaching experience. Her clients range from “Moms” to JSE and FTSE listed company directors. Jacqui always starts her day with a nice smooth coffee! Why not come and join her?

Short Courses

Jacqui has a set of short courses to inspire and prepare you – ALL under £50

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