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Your Executive Coach will play several important roles during the coaching relationship. In part,  acting as an advisor, sounding board, manager, strategist, and guide. The Executive Coach’s also involves helping you increase self-awareness, expand your thinking, uncover your potential and manage your stress levels to avoid burnout.

Thinking Partner

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Avoid Burnout & Manage Stress

Strategic Partner

Proven Flexible Framework

How Do I Know If I Need an Executive Coach?

What is executive Coaching?

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How Do I Know if executive Coaching Is Right for Me?

If you are an ambitious, high-achieving executive serious about your professional development and now looking to take things to another level, this is for you. You have tried to do things on your own, but are feeling the strains and stresses of territory and want to avoid burnout.

Do You Only work with executives?

No, if you are willing to do the work and prepared to invest in yourself, then please get in touch and let’s have a chat to see if this is suitable for you.

how long do we need to work together?

We will discuss this in more detail on our initial consultation call but usually there is a 3 month minimum commitment to see some results. Longer term support is available with regular progress reviews to keep us on track.

About Jacqui Bourne

Executive Coach

Working with High Achieving Executives, Jacqui has coached high-performing, high-achievers like you, supporting them to excel in ways that enrich life, from the inside-out.

Together, we will explore new levels of performance, creativity and courage you never knew existed; and empower you with new ways of thinking, doing and being that create extraordinary results, consistently and over the long term, reducing stress and avoiding burnout.

You’ll leave ready to move through life with a new sense of vitality and agency; with ongoing feelings of confidence, engagement, fulfilment and success.